There are many baby gift companies around! So why are we so different and why should you choose us?

We believe we are totally unique, not just in our gift creations but in our approach too. Yes we do similar product types to other companies out there, but its the way we do them that sets us apart from the rest! The intricacy and attention to detail in our gifts make them super special. We make sure that not only do our gifts look stunning but very importantly they are practical too.

Our creations are our own ideas, they come from our heads and hearts, they have not been taken from any other designs elsewhere, they are totally unique to us! Not only that but we can create something that is totally unique to you, giving that personal and tailored touch.

We have history behind us too, we started in 2006 selling just keepsake gift box sets, we have expanded the range so much over the years and now sell bouquets, cupcakes and nappy cakes too, with lots of ideas to come!

After spending many years in corporate careers and as a consumer, I have been on the receiving end of some pretty appalling customer service. I cannot understand why companies cannot get it right, it seems pretty simple to me. So needless to say we are hot on customer service and pride ourselves in our response times, the way we work with our customers and our flexibility. It vitally important to us that our customers are happy!

We are great believers that the proof is in the pudding! So place your order with us today and we promise you wont be disappointed!