Corporate Gift Contributions

Gift Contributions! Finally an easy way for people to contribute to the purchase of a gift for a colleague in the workplace!

Have you ever been given the lovely task to collect money at work for a colleague going on maternity leave? Although a pleasant task it can be a bit of a mission collecting cash from all your colleagues! So we have devised a way to take the pain out of this collection process!

Lets enlighten you…

We now have the ability to create a specific link for the collection organiser. This link can then be emailed around to the team or individuals so that they can easily contribute towards the gift online using their credit card or Paypal.

The contributor can also include their own personal message too, which is then stored in the organisers online account.

Once all the contributions have been completed, the organiser can simply choose the gift(s) you have all agreed on and apply all the contributions at checkout.

This tool can be used in a corporate environment and can also be used for individuals organising a Baby Shower for a friend or family member. All you need to do is simply create an account and we will create the specific link for you and apply it to your account ready for you to email.

We have even already created the email text for you ready for your personalisation and it includes instructions for the contributor!

Please contact us if you are organising a collection or if you have any questions about the process.