Baby Showers have become big events now in the UK! And why not! Celebrating the imminent arrival of a new life is worth shouting about. People invite their nearest and dearest to such an event.

So what better way to celebrate then to have a special centrepiece for the party! Over the years we have created lots of stunning centrepieces for mum to be. Most of which have been bespoke to their requirements and budget. A lot of the time friends and family will club together in order to have something truly spectacular and also means so much more and gives that personal touch.

Below you will find some samples of Baby Shower centrepieces we have created in the past but also ones we would suggest for such an occasion.

We can create centrepieces to match a colour theme or character theme e.g. Caterpillar, Zebra etc and we can create ANY size centrepiece too!

So why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

Winnie The Pooh Centrepiece

We created a fabulous Winnie The Pooh Baby Bouquet Centrepiece for a gorgeous mum to be for her Baby Shower. As the gender of the baby is a surprise they wanted the bouquet neutral in colour. This bouquet looked stunning in the middle of the table, we create lots of themed Baby Shower centrepieces, so if you know the mum to be loves a certain character do let us know!

You can find lots of our character baby gifts in our collections section.

Please click here to view this Winnie The Pooh Bouquet.

Suzanne Shaw Loved Her Bouquet!

We are very honoured to create mum to be Suzanne Shaw a Caterpillar Bouquet as a centrepiece for her Baby Shower which she had on the bank holiday August. She was thrilled with her bouquet and said “I even received an amazing baby bouquet from ‘Corporate Baby’ for my centre piece. I’m such a lucky girl.”

Click here to read more about her Baby Shower on her Closer Magazine blog

Bespoke Turquoise Nappy Cake

Our new turquoise nappy cake that was bespokely created for an events company organising a Tiffany inspired Baby Shower went down a storm! Gray8Events who creates innovate events for individuals and companies were very specific on their requirements. We worked very closely with them on this nappy cake and they were extremely happy with the end result.

If you are an events company or individual or corporate company organising a Baby Shower we would love to hear from you! Please do get in touch at

Novelty Centrepieces

We are always asked to create novelty Baby Shower centrepieces, which are lovely projects to work on! We can create any novelty baby gift you require from trains to planes! These gifts can be in the following sizes 0-3, 3-6 or 6-12 months.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.

Towel Cake For A Mum To Be!

We can create towel cakes for Baby Showers! So if you would like something a bit different then the standard Baby Shower Centrepieces, then we can create something rather special and unique! This cake was made out of x6 ivory towels of varying sizes. We used x3 different sizes cake tins to create the main bases of the cake tiers, inside the cake tins were skincare products and other lovely items.

We will be launching gifts like this for mum to be and new mummies and daddies very soon, so watch this space!

If you would like a bespoke gift create please get in touch today!

Coffee cup nappy cake!

We were recently asked to create a very unique gift. This gift was for a manager of a coffee shop within a large retail store who recently had a baby boy! We used a large coffee cup in the middle of the gift, the nappy cake underneath consisted of a blanket and a brown flannel and a gorgeous soft baby boy bear was holding the cup! Inside the coffee cup were cotton wool balls and bibs and socks rolled.

The client was over the moon with this gift and so was the recipient, they presented it at work and it was admired by all!

If you are organising a Baby Shower and want a gift that matches a theme etc then please get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

Lateysha Grace Bespoke Baby Shower Centrepiece

We were thrilled to create a stunning baby shower centrepice for The Valleys TV show star Lateysha Grace. The brief was bouquet, pink and vintage! We created a beautiful pink and ivory bouquet with glitter loops with ivory lace. Lateysha was over the moon with it and said on twitter on a post – “Wow ! thank you so much for my baby shower centrepiece it’s amazing @Corporatebaby xxxxx”
Please click here to order this bouquet

Go Large!

We create any size gift for a Baby Shower, this particular nappy cake is huge! Not only is it a nappy cake but it has cupcakes too, items have been handrolled into cupcake shapes and placed on the outside.

This makes the most magnificent Baby Shower centrepiece and is available in pink, blue or neutral or pink and blue combined for twins! We can also make it in a combination of sizes eg half 0-3 half 3-6.
Click here to view and purchase the gift.


Not 1, Not 2 but 3 Gifts!

A very proud mother contacted me recently who was organising her daughters Baby Shower. She was so elated that her daughter was just about to have a baby. She wanted to make the day really special for her, so she ordered not just one centrepiece, not two but three!

She purchased a Caterpillar Nappy Cake, A Miffy Purple Nappy Cake and a Neutral ivory cupcake keepsake gift box set. So if you are looking for more then one gift, we can give you a volume discount on the order!

Cascada loved her bespoke Mint & Ivory Bouquet!

We were over the moon that Cascada the singer (aka Natalie Horler) loved her bespoke Mint and Ivory Bouquet we sent her recently! Her favourite colour is mint so it was an obvious choice for this stunning creation. We intertwined ivory lace into the items of clothing and most of the items were organic. This would make such a beautiful Baby Shower centrepiece and can be adapted to suit a budget. We can do this bouquet in any colour too so please let us know if you would like a different colour!
Please click here to purchase this bouquet
Please click here to view the tweet she posted!

Rose & Violet Bouquet

This bouquet was created for a Baby Shower Centrepiece. The Mum To Be love pink and purple which was her theme for the day, so we created a bouquet full of these colours! The client was so happy with the result and so was the Mum To Be. This bouquet cost £56 including delivery to the UK.

We can create gifts to match your theme or budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Baby Showers

It is becoming increasingly more popular for companies to hold Baby Showers at work in a lunch break or after work. We have supplied many companies with gifts to use as Baby Shower centrepieces. It is such a lovely idea to throw a little party of the team member or client going on maternity leave.

If you are a company and you are looking for a gift or centrepiece for a work Baby Shower or for a leaving presentation please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Character Centrepieces

Does the Mum To Be love Winnie The Pooh? Our Tigger, Eeyore and Winnie The Pooh Nappy Cakes and Bouquets make vibrant and stunning centrepieces. We can adapt any contents of any of our gifts creating the perfect gift/centrepiece for your Baby Shower.

Maybe everyone who is attending the Baby Shower has chipped in to purchase a centrepiece? We can create gifts to suit any budget small or large.

Non-edible cupcakes!

Are you organising a Baby Shower and making some edible cupcakes for the day? We can create cupcakes to match your edible ones or to copliment the theme or colour. Have a look through our cupcake gift section to view all options.

Our cupcakes would look wonderful on a tiered cupcake stand. Our cupcakes are made of bodysuits, bibs, socks, washcloths, muslins, hats, mitts etc. Please call us to discuss your requirements if you require bespoke cupcake gift sets.

Caterpillar Bouquet

Our Hungry Caterpillar Bouquet makes a stunning Baby Shower centrepiece. Everyone is very familiar with the story of the Hungry Caterpillar! If you have a friend who loves the story or if you are just looking for a centrepiece which is neutral in colour, then this is the perfect one to choose!

We can create this bouquet in various sizes, this particular one shown is £56 including delivery to the UK, however we can adjust the contents of the bouquet to match a budget. We can also aquire other caterpillar themed items to enhance this centrepiece.

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