Honesty is the best policy…..

I am sitting at home currently on a Saturday night reflecting on my business and how far we have come in the last 10 years! So whilst the children are watching a movie and quiet! I thought I would flip my laptop open and tip tap away on my keyboard and share some thoughts with… Read more »

I am sitting at home currently on a Saturday night reflecting on my business and how far we have come in the last 10 years! So whilst the children are watching a movie and quiet! I thought I would flip my laptop open and tip tap away on my keyboard and share some thoughts with you!

People often ask us, what makes you different, why should I use you, what is your USP, what makes you different from other gift companies out there?

I reply with some of the following statements…..Our gifts are unique and are created in house, we ooze passion, our customer service is first class, our attention to detail is second to none! Yes yes yes I know you have heard it all before! But honestly, and we are not just saying it, we LOVE what we do, we do ooze passion, we do take pride in everything we do, down to the finest detail. Each and every thing we say is true……

Our clients who have been with us for over 10 years, will mirror what I am saying and we can say all these statements because we have this backing. We have nothing to hide, we are open book, when you work with us you will realise how honest and passionate we are. Every single gift we send out is important to us! But at the end of the day we are human! And I am an avid believer that its how you deal with a problem, if one arises for whatever reason! Although we strive to be perfect in every way, sometimes things happen that are out of our hands, but we jump on it quickly and get it sorted! I have to say though, in 10 years hardly any problems have occurred!! But there is always a solution to a problem!

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Having used Corporate Baby now for almost four years, I can highly recommend using their services. The quality of the products has always been excellent and our staff are always pleasantly surprised when they receive the gift following the arrival of their newborn. We regularly receive communication from Corporate Baby about new products and services and they have always been extremely efficient at helping us sort out any problems, albeit this happens very rarely. The website is very user friendly and the gifts are despatched very swiftly and are always packaged exceptionally well.

We are also very proud of all the awards we have won over the years, most recently being Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Surrey Digital Awards last year for our website (online retailer, website and website B2B). We also won the Theo Paphitis SBS and Jacquelne Gold WOW, Mumpreneur Gold and lots of other awards. Awards are a fantastic but there is no good having all these awards if you do not back it up with great service and products, we have both! People can have the best product in the world but if they do not have good customer service, as far as I am concerned they do not have a business. To me this means, good response times to emails, phone calls, great relationship with your clients and a very good understanding of their business and needs etc, acknowledgment of orders and enquiries, communication is key, we are very responsive to enquiries etc. Good service is such an obvious and easy thing for companies to have, but there are so many I come across or hear of that fail in this area! Its the one thing that I have to say makes my blood boil!

The other thing I wanted to talk about is our bespoke gifts. Over the years we have been asked to create some amazing masterpieces, some very obscure! Sometimes if it is a really bizarre request I do wonder if we are going to be able to match our clients requirements and dreams, but we pull it off every time and we have the testimonials to prove it. Recently we were asked to create a Nappy Cake for 3 expectant mothers for a baby shower, all 3 met in the theatre and one common show they were in was Jack and The Beanstalk. So it was an obvious choice for a theme for the baby shower. We got our thinking caps on and after some brainstorming came up with different types of ribbon, gift paper, embellishments for gift wrapping finishing touches etc. The client was over the moon, below is her testimonial, I have to say I had a tear in my eye when I read this, we loved creating this gift.

Last year three of my best friend’s were due to give birth within six weeks of each other. I had the great (if not daunting honour) of organising a baby shower for them all. I knew I wanted it to be special and have a connection back to how we all know each other – we met dancing in a charity pantomime – which we have continued to do for years.

I was completely at a loss of how to make this connection until one day at work we presented one of our team with this amazing nappy cake from corporate baby (it was the train). I was blown away by how great it looked, and asked my colleague to tell me about the company that made it. She put me in touch with Lara who I proceeded to tell about my vague idea and plan.

Lara was fantastic, coming up with a range of different ideas and ways to create a centre piece that had a real wow factor. We eventually settled on a design which was based on Jack and the Beanstalk (the last show that we all did together). Lara thought of everything even down to sourcing lots of great ribbon which looked like leaves to add the finishing touches.

To say the girls were impressed when they saw it was an understatement – they absolutely loved it. The worst bit was when it came to dismantling it so that they could all take their share home!

I really can’t recommend Corporate Baby highly enough. If you are looking for a bespoke item for your baby shower then I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them and see where your idea takes you! 

So the next time you have the task, although a lovely one, to organise a baby shower or any type of gift or any occasion, please contact us and we would love to chat and help you! We have a huge range of gifs in stock and have fantastic suppliers we can source from, so pretty much anything is possible!

Thank you for reading this and if you are thinking of using us then give us a go, you will not be disappointed! If you are a corporate company and would like to have a chat to any of our existing clients, then we are happy to arrange this as they are very happy to give us a reference!

Thats it from me today! Over and out! Have a good weekend.

Lara x

Owner – Corporate Baby.